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About Us

AlFulk Medical Company for Importing Medical Equipment’s and Supplies, is a Libyan joint stock company, was established in 2016 in accordance with the Libyan Commercial Law No. 23 of the year 2010 and the laws and regulations issued pursuant thereto. in addition, Al-Fulk company has been achieved the vision and aspirations to provide integrated services in the development and equipping of healthcare sectors in various specialties which in parallel with global progress and increases the local level. Al-Fulk Medical Company is motivated national indicator aimed at representing the principles and progress in providing health services and the delivery of medical equipment and supplies. In addition to working on the line of investment opportunities and achieving profitability, it’s essential to meet the needs of the country in terms of materials, equipment, supplies and services in the private and public sectors, and fill the gaps and contribute to advance the level of service delivery at the level of the economy and citizens.


The company has worked to develop strategic plans to confront any possible scenarios. Policies and guidelines have been developed to ensure that the company achieves its objectives and goals in accordance with all the possibilities in case of poor conditions, persistence of the situation, or flourish in short and long term. In order to achieve this, the Company's management has held intensive meetings to study discuss and make the necessary decisions to develop strategies and mechanisms to implement them to face any obstacles and difficulties. In all cases, the company's management is always committed to implement its objectives and achieve its ambitions through supporting its employees.


Al-Fulk aspires to be the main driver in the implementation and management of medical programs and projects for private and public customers according to their various needs and what suits them. Providing innovative and complete solutions to suit the needs of both sectors through programs and work mechanisms tailored to each customer's needs. The company intends to inspire and motivate all companies and associates in the field of medical services and to compete for building the nation and consumer interest a method that is applied to reality through building partnerships, exchanging experiences and building business links that are destined to be one, which is to inflate wealth and achieve visions and objectives


To facilitate and simplify the delivery of medical services required to all customers and consumers, and the formation of a wide network of service providers and suppliers, while continuing the company's constant management of each new, innovative and beneficial aspects also raising the level of performance and contribute in the efficiency and positivity work noticeable overall the country as well as keeping pace with the development and expansion of purposes of the company and the scope of geographical coverage, Opening branches and contracting with agents, allowing the provision of services throughout the country and providing customers with equipment, materials and medical materials in a fast professional way and in a steady pace achieve the highest levels of satisfaction.


• To become the preferred provider for private and public healthcare sectors.
• Providing the best medical value in return for the best competitive financial value.
• To contribute in raising the proficiency, effectiveness & quality of medical products.
• Partnerships and trade exchanges that will share experiences and generate revenue.
• Filling the need and shortage of medical equipment market.
• Become a strong supplier.
• Interact with events and awareness programs & participate in the development.


Phone: +218 (0) 21 340 9357
P.O box: 83013
Mob: +218 (0) 91 616 8000